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Singapore Piano Shop sell secondhand upright pianos, and deal in used pianos. Our store has many cheap pre-owned YAMAHA, KAWAI pianos for sale, and some European, Korean secondhand pianos in stock. All the used pianos are in excellent quality. If you're looking for secondhand pianos, don't hesitate to come to our piano showroom to try pianos.

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YOUNG CHANG U-131, Brown, Exam model, 8 years

Model: YOUNG CHANG U-131

Introduction: YOUNG CHANG U-131, Brown, Exam model, 8 years

S$2570/set 2-3 days

YOUNG CHANG U-121, Brown, Exam model

Model: YOUNG CHANG U-121

Introduction: YOUNG CHANG U-121, Brown, 8 years

S$2390/set 2-3 days

YAMAHA M110, Brown, 10 years

Model: YAMAHA M110

Introduction: YAMAHA M110, brown, made in Japan, 10 years

S$2030/set 2-3 days

YAMAHA LX110, Black, used 10+ years

Model: YAMAHA LX110

Introduction: YAMAHA LX110, black, used 10+ years

S$2400/set 2-3 days

YAMAHA LU90, Black, 10+ years

Model: YAMAHA LU90

Introduction: YAMAHA LU90, black, 10+ years

S$1670/set 2-3 days

YAMAHA LU101, Wood color, used 15 years

Model: YAMAHA LU101

Introduction: YAMAHA LU101, Wood color, used 15 years

S$880/set 2-3 days

YAMAHA C108, Brown, 10 years

Model: YAMAHA C108

Introduction: YAMAHA C108, brown, made in Japan, 10 years

S$1670/set 2-3 days

YAMAHA U1, Black, Exam model, 30 Years

Model: YAMAHA U1

Introduction: YAMAHA U1, black, Japan imported, exam model, 30 years

S$2930/set 2-3 days

YAMAHA U1, Black, Exam model, 15 Years

Model: YAMAHA U1

Introduction: YAMAHA U1, black, exam model, 15 years

S$4100/set 2-3 days

YAMAHA YUX Upright Grand, Black, Exam model, 20 Years


Introduction: YAMAHA YUX, black, Japan imported, exam model, 20 years

S$6890/set 2-3 days

YAMAHA UX, Black, Exam model, made in Japan


Introduction: YAMAHA UX, black, exam model, made in Japan

S$4800/set 2-3 days

YAMAHA U3, Black, Exam model, 30 years

Model: YAMAHA U3

Introduction: YAMAHA U3, black, Japan imported, exam model (ABRSM 1-8, Diploma), 30 years

S$5090/set 2-3 days

TOCAYO YU1 piano, black, demo set special price


Introduction: TOCAYO YU1 upright piano, Japan brand, black

S$3800/set 2-3 days

SOJIN VS-53 , Black color, exam model

Model: SOJIN VS-53

Introduction: SOJIN VS-53 , black, exam model

S$2750/set 2-3 days

SAMICK JS-121 used piano, black, 1y ear

Model: SAMICK JS-121

Introduction: SAMICK JS-121, black, 1 year, Korean top brand, exam model

S$2750/set 2-3 days

SAMICK SU-131, Brown, Exam model

Model: SAMICK SU-131

Introduction: SAMICK  SU-131 upright piano, Brown, Height 1.31m, 10 years

S$2210/set 2-3 days

ROYALE RS-18C, Dark brown, Exam model,

Model: ROYALE RS-18C

Introduction: ROYALE RS-18C, Dark brown, Exam model,

S$2570/set 2-3 days



Introduction: RICHARD MEYER, Black, EURO brand

S$1265/set 2-3 days

RENNER / KAWAI U131, Black, Exam model, 10 years

Model: RENNER / KAWAI U131

Introduction: RENNER / KAWAI U131, black, made in Japan, exam model, 10 years

S$4370/set 2-3 days

PACO PU-120, Black, Exam model, 10 Years

Model: PACO PU-120

Introduction: PACO PU-120, black, made in Japan, exam model, 10 years

S$1670/set 2-3 days

LINDEN / KAWAI K121, Brown, 6 Years

Model: LINDEN / KAWAI K-121

Introduction: LINDEN / KAWAI K-121, brown, made in Japan, 6 years

S$2390/set 2-3 days

LINDEN / KAWAI K121, Black, 10 Years

Model: LINDEN / KAWAI K-121

Introduction: LINDEN / KAWAI K-121, black, made in Japan, 10 years

S$2570/set 2-3 days

KAWAI US-50, Black, Exam model,

Model: KAWAI US-50

Introduction: KAWAI US-50 , black, made in Japan, exam model,

S$4370/set 2-3 days

KAWAI TP-125, Black, Exam model, used 20 years

Model: KAWAI TP-125

Introduction: KAWAI TP-125 , black, made in Japan, exam model, used 20 years

S$3470/set 2-3 days

KAWAI KU-5 Platform Piano, Black, 20 years

Model: KAWAI KU-5

Introduction: KAWAI KU-5 Platform Piano, Black, made in Japan, 20 years

S$5630/set 2-3 days

KAWAI K48, Black, Exam model, 30years

Model: KAWAI K48

Introduction: KAWAI K48 , black, made in Japan, exam model, 30 years

S$3470/set 2-3 days

KAWAI K20, Black, Exam model,

Model: KAWAI K20

Introduction: KAWAI K20 , black, made in Japan, exam model,

S$2570/set 2-3 days

KAWAI CX-4, Black, Japan made

Model: KAWAI CX-4

Introduction: KAWAI CX-4, black, Japan made

S$1850/set 2-3 days

KAWAI BL-61, Black, Exam model, 20 years

Model: KAWAI BL-61

Introduction: KAWAI BL-61, black, made in Japan, exam model, 20 years

S$4370/set 2-3 days

JOHN BROADWOODS & SONS, Rose wood, Exam model


Introduction: JOHN BROADWOODS & SONS, rose wood, UK Top Brand

SGD3470/set 2-3 days

HYUNDAI U832, Black, Exam model, 8 years

Model: HYUNDAI U832

Introduction: HYUNDAI U832, Black, Exam model, 8 years

S$1670/set 2-3 days

HONNER HP-120, Black, Exam model, 10 years

Model: HONNER HP-120

Introduction: HONNER HP-120, German Brand, Black, Exam model, 10 years

S$1490/set 2-3 days

HERMANN, German brand, Black, Exam model


Introduction: HERMANN, German brand, black, exam model, 8 years

S$3470/set 2-3 days

C.Steinbert, Black, EURO brand, Exam model

Model: C.Steinbert

Introduction: C.Steinbert, black, EURO brand, exam model, used 10+ years

S$2500/set 2-3 days

Bohemia, brown, height 126cm

Model: Bohemia126

Introduction: Bohemia piano, world top brand, height 126cm, brown color

S$4200/set 2-3 days

ATLAS NA-202, Brown, H131cm, 8 Years

Model: ATLAS NA-202

Introduction: ATLAS NA-202, brown, made in Japan, high end piano, 8 years

S$2570/set 2-3 days

ASHTON U832, Brown, Exam model

Model: ASHTON U832

Introduction: ASHTON U832, brown, made in Japan, exam model, 6 years

S$1850/set 2-3 days
Total 37 kinds of products; Contact us to customize if not listed above.
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