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Free give piano June 2017
Publish: 2017.05.28 Source: Singapore Used Pianos-http://www.usedpiano.sg Click:

We have 2 pianos to give away for free in June 2017.
This pianos are in working condition and suitable for little kids to play for fun.


We also have some good pianos for sale only at $500 / $1000 (including delivery & first tuning,1-year warramty)

Singapore Used Piano Shop http://www.usedpiano.sg/En/ProductList-102.html
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Address: No.37 Jalan Pemimpin #04-04A, MAPEX, S'577177 (Near Marymount MRT Exit B, Bishan Area)

If you want to enquire about free give piano, please SMS to 9871 5256 with the information below
1. Who will play this piano
2. Home address
3. What time can you come down to view and confirm the piano on Weekends

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