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Singapore Piano Shop is your reliable source for used YAMAHA and KAWAI pianos. We sell only pianos received during a trade-in, or fully certified re-built pianos seasoned for the Singapore climate. Our pianos are backed up by our own comprehensive warranty, and we guarantee satisfaction. Come and experience fantastic pianos in our stock and see if pre-owned is right for you.

Singapore Piano Shop sell used upright pianos. Our store has many cheap pre-owned YAMAHA, KAWAI pianos for sale, and some European, Korean secondhand pianos in stock. All the pianos are in excellent quality. If you're looking for secondhand pianos, don't hesitate to come to our piano showroom to try pianos.
Singapore Piano Shop deal in used pianos, secondhand pianos, pre-owned pianos. Singapore Piano Shop dedicate to be the best used piano dealer, used piano reseller, used piano agent, used piano centre, used piano shop, secondhand piano dealer, secondhand piano reseller, secondhand piano agent, secondhand piano centre, secondhand piano shop, pre-owned piano dealer, pre-owned piano reseller, pre-owned piano agent, pre-owned piano centre, pre-owned piano shop in Singapore. Singapore piano shop try to sell the cheapest used pianos which are still in very good condition.

Singapore Piano Shop sell used grand pianos, buy secondhand grand pianos, and deal in used baby grand pianos, used YAMAHA / KAWAI grand pianos, used European grand pianos, used Korean grand pianos.

If you have any enquiry, please feel free to email to store@singpiano.com and we will reply within 12 hours.
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